Want Hippie Sips at your next event?

 We do all types of private events with or without our truck!

Weddings – Rehearsal Dinners – Birthdays – Graduations – Company Luncheons – Corporate Conventions – School Events – Fundraisers – Concerts – Marketing Events -  pretty much anywhere where people who love good food & good times gather!


What comes on a Hippie Sips catered menu?

We will send you our current menu and you can choose from any of the listed menu items. However, we are also able to create a custom menu if you have something special in mind. Menus typically have 2 smoothie selections and up to 4 Lemonade/Tea Flavors.

What does a Hippie Sips catered service look like?

Here are some ideas of events we have done in the past, but ultimately we are all about creating a service that fits you! Here are a few examples:


We have done a catered event where the host pays for and gives guests a standard voucher (ex. name tag or ticket). The guest gets their choice of beverage. You would purchase a set number of these “tickets” based on your projected attendance. This can be more traditional food truck experience where the guests order at the truck window, or a formal event where we have servers who bring drinks to you. Great for conventions, corporate events, or traditional food truck fans.

Open House:

This is where the host chooses the number of items to serve and we charge a flat rate for unlimited consumption. This is nice because guests get to come up to the truck several times and are able to try different items. This is more casual and keeps everyone coming up to the truck several times and trying different things. Great for parties, cocktail hours, picnics, or for foodies who want to try a little of everything!

Drop Off:

Our truck is also available to drop off beverages. Minimum for this style of catering is only $300 and includes drinks for around 50 people. Great for large picnics, company lunches, conventions, or promotional events. Contact us to place an order!

Is there a the minimum*?

For any event public or private, our booking minimum starts at $500 (M-Th) & $750 (F-Sun); $300 for Drop Off Orders. That includes drinks for approximately 50-75 people, 2 hours of food service, and travel anywhere within 20 miles of our Cleveland kitchen. 

*Rates subject to menu pricing and other taxes & fees may apply.